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Pool Angel
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New Safety Angel
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Authoritative Certificates

Inno Technolog is testing and obtained some of the following authoritative certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, ASTM, NF, SGS, etc.

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Swimming Pool Alarm and Alarme Piscine

Swimming Pool Alarm
What is Pool Angel?

Pool Angel is an inground swimming pool alarm. It's a safety electronic device to prevent children or pets from drowning in the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Alarm is a device that sounds a loud alert if a small child or pet should fall into the backyard pool. Pool alarm is intended to augment other safety measures such as perimeter fences and supervision, and should not be relied on as the sole means of pool safety. It can, however, play a key role in protecting lives when other measures have failed.

How does Pool Angel work?

When a child or pet is falling into a home swimming pool, Pool Angel will sound alarm in seconds. The parents near by who heared the alarm can rescue their baby as soon as possible.

The swimming pool alarm system is the most reliable consumer-installed swimming pool alarm that detects a child or pet falling into the pool or spa while being virtually immune to wind and false alarms. This extremely versatile pool alarm even works in swimming pools with typical spa overflows and certain other water features.

The components of Pool Angel
Detector Unit

Detector Unit:
The Detector Unit is the core part of the pool alarm that is installed at the side of pool deck. It will sound alarm in 3-7 seconds after it detects a child weights 8kgs who is immersed into the pool water.

There is a keypad on the Detector Unit. An audible "beep" sounds when you press a button on the Detector Unit keypad:

Receiver Unit:
Receiver Unit The Receive Unit is installed in the house as the second sound device that can receive the signal from the Detector Unit in 2 seconds. It will also sound alarm after it received the alarm sound from the Detector Unit.

The Receiver Unit must always be powered by the AC adapter. It can also be powered by four AAA battery which is for back-up and emergency use only.

The Status on the Detector Unit

The Detector has four lights to show different status. From left to right, they are:

The features of Pool Angel

Pool Angel has many new FEATURES, it's safe and reliable in use, please read more information.

Who needs to buy a Pool Angel?

The family who owns a private swimming pool needs to buy a Pool Angel swimming pool alarm.

Child In Swimming Pool
What certificates do you have for Pool Angel?

It is approved of CE and RoHS test. And we are now doing USA ASTM test which may take several months.

Pool Angel is really effective?

After our thousands of hundreds test on Pool Angel, we are very confident to anounce it's absolutely effectiv. We drop a similar model into the standard swimming pool, each testing, the Detector Unit will sound alarm in 3-7 seconds, and the Receiver will sound too after 2 seconds.

Pool Angel used new & high technology!

Most of swimming pool alarms are using the mechanical float detecting water wave technology, like the Poolguard alarm. Pool Alarm with this technology responses very slow, if a child falled into the pool at a far distance from the alarm, this unit won't sound alarm sometimes or sound after more than 15 seconds. Not very SAFE. Inno is using air presure technology on the Pool Angel alarm, so that it will response within 3-7 seonds. We developed this new technology, and it's proved very safe and reliable. Its detect sensor is made by Motorola company, so it is the best pool alarm in China, also the top grade in the world.

Float mechanical pool alarm also always has the false alarm, as its wind resistance is very weak. But Pool Angel is very strong on the wind restistance. With it, you can set your heart at rest even in a windy day.

Wind Resistance Test
Our Safety Statement - Important!

Pool Angel inground swimming pool alarm is not a substitute for parents' diligent supervision or an adequate barrier to restrict the access of children to water hazards. This device is not intended to replace any other safety measures such as: adult supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, pool covers, locks, and so forth.